Andrew Reynolds

Photo on 6-11-2014 at 1.31 pm #2Andrew Reynolds is a postgraduate from La Trobe University who has recently completed his Master’s thesis, where he analysed Australian maritime strategy through an examination of Australian security and foreign policy and the future submarine project (SEA1000).

Andrew is a researcher on the Asia-Pacific desk for Wikistrat, has been an Associate Features editor for E-International Relations and has been published in The Huffington Post.

Andrew has extensive work experience and research interests in Australian foreign and defence policy and is seeking a role in research, analysis, communications and strategic thinking.

Andrew has also undertaken undergraduate study in international relations and languages (Indonesian).

Andrew’s research interests include:

  • Australia-Indonesian relations.
  • Australian foreign and defence policy.
  • Asia-Pacific defence and security.
  • United States-Australia defence relations.
  • Implications of a rising China for Asia-Pacific regional defence and security.
  • Security implications of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA).
  • China-Vietnam-United States trilateral relations.
  • Political economy of the Asia-Pacific.
  • Copenhagen school of securitisation theory.
  • Human trafficking and slavery.
  • Globalisation theory.
  • International development: the recovery process and the influence of informal institutions of power.

Qualifications: MIR (Research studies), B.App.Sci. Dip. Ed. profile

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Posts by Andrew Reynolds

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Indo-Australian Security Alliance Challenges , 17 June 2014

China’s Oil Rig Diplomacy, 15 June 2014

The China Choice (book review), 12 June 2014

Welcome , 30 May 2014

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