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By Andrew Reynolds, 23 November 2014.

Some of you have been wondering at the lack of posts from me these past two months. Thank you for your interest.

Lately my efforts have largely been taken up by research and writing commitments, as I work towards completing my masters degree in international relations. Thankfully these commitments have ended for 2014, and the results have made the effort well and truly worthwhile.

For those of you interested in following up this work, I have uploaded my latest graduate research to my profile page on the the website. I have done this as I am a fervent believer in open-source research and the sharing of ideas.

Here are the links to my most recent work:

1. Goldilocks and the South China Sea: Why Viet Nam is hedging with the United States against a rising China – this paper articulates why Viet Nam fundamentally has no choice but to hedge with the United States against a rising China. As part of this paper, I examine the bilateral Sino-Viet relationship from historical, cultural, economic, theoretical and strategic perspectives.

2. An Examination of Australia’s Divergent Responses to ISIL and Ebola – in this paper I examine Australia’s divergent responses to the threats posed by ISIL and Ebola virus disease (EVD). I use the Copenhagen School of securitisation theory as an analytic tool to examine and explain these government choices. For my methodology, I conduct a discourse analysis to show how the threat posed by ISIL has been securitised by significant Australian political actors in contrast to the biosecurity threat of EVD, which, contrastingly, has not been securitised. I also demonstrate how the decision by the Australian government not to securitise EVD aligns with recent and current budgetary and policy choices, and further aligns with Australian institutional tradition.

Now this work is done, I look forward to posting again on contemporary IR issues. As ever, please submit your own articles – I look forward to reading them! To celebrate this return I have given The Analyst a new you look – I hope you enjoy it!