Should Australia Join a US Led Intervention in Iraq?

By Andrew Reynolds, 18 June 2014 Should Australia join a US led intervention in Iraq? Should this question be asked, Australia has much to consider. Australia needs to promote adherence to international law and in this case, explore all options with the United Nations Security Council before even considering any non UNSC-endorsed proposals. It remains in Australia’s interests to be seen as a supporter of … Continue reading Should Australia Join a US Led Intervention in Iraq?

Indo-Australian Security Alliance Challenges

By Andrew Reynolds, 17 June 2014 Indonesia and Australia share one overwhelming reason for strengthening security ties, and that reason is China. Clint Richards at The Diplomat this morning has some interesting thoughts on collective security options available to Indonesia to counter China’s increasingly assertive posture in the South China Sea. Not surprisingly, the two main contenders he lists for possible maritime security partners are … Continue reading Indo-Australian Security Alliance Challenges

China’s Oil Rig Diplomacy

By Andrew Reynolds, 15 June 2014 China’s current oil rig crisis with Vietnam is not in essence a sovereignty dispute – it is all about China asserting power China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC’s) May 2 towing of oil rig Haiyang Shiyou 981 into the South China Sea (SCS), 120 nautical miles off the Vietnam coast and ostensibly within Vietnam’s 200nm continental shelf Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), … Continue reading China’s Oil Rig Diplomacy